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Pre Shipment Inspection Services

1.) To verify whether the finished products meets the contractual requirements with respect to material, visual appearance, dimensional accuracy, physical & micro structural requirements (if applicable), performance level, etc.
2.) To verify the provision of transit/export-worthy packaging on products.

3.) To witness the packaging and shipping of goods in proper condition.

You can have more surety about the quality of the Products being delivered to you by availing our Vendor Sourcing Program. A complete VENDOR SOURCING programs consists of following stages:

Initial Production Check (IPC): Quality of materials, components, finished product is checked at the commencement of production against your ordered/ contractual specifications. The IPC thus permits an early detection of defects & timely corrections and improvements in product quality, before regular production is initiated. This eliminates wastage and delays

During Production Check (DUPRO): A check on the quality of materials, components, finished product is conducted when at least 25% of the order has been completed. Honey International examines the existing production and ensures that corrections & improvements suggested during the IPC are implemented.

Final random Inspection (FRI): A detailed inspection is conducted on samples selected at random (as per appropriate sampling plan) to check whether the quality, quantity, packaging conform to specifications. This inspection is carried out when the total consignment is completed and at least 75% is packed. Quality is no accident! especially, consistently high quality Therefore, while exercising the above verifications, the evaluation of existing "Quality Assurance System" is given a special emphasis. Our experts, who are also quality system auditors, are well trained & experienced in their respective fields of specialisation. They have been extensively involved in various national as well as international projects, technical workshops, & exchange programs.


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